Aikido of Santa Cruz

True Victory is Victory Over Oneself

Aikido of Santa Cruz
306 Mission Street,
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: (831) 423-8326
fax: (831) 423-6156
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A sincere offering of thoughts, feelings, insights, and questions regarding Aikido practice, presented in the form of essays by Aikido of Santa Cruz students, on the occasion of their promotions to dan ranks. Please read, enjoy, and carry the inspiration into your practice of Aikido!

  • Download The Path essayTempering the Sword of Peace

    by Steven Cervine, Sandan

    “Feeling safe can come from our mastery over our nature and not from being the most aggressive. It has required a maturation of my skills to learn to make a different choice than reacting from fear. With greater skill comes greater choice.” — Steven Cervine, April 2017

  • Download The Path essayThe Path

    by Nicola Astley, Nidan

    “As the years went by I came to realize that Aikido was informing every aspect of my life, as my teachers and Sempai guided me along my path. Akido was changing the way I walked, being more conscious of my center. It became my primary stress relief.” — Nicola Astley, July 2016

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Aikido of Santa Cruz