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True Victory is Victory Over Oneself

Aikido of Santa Cruz
306 Mission Street,
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: (831) 423-8326
fax: (831) 423-6156
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Linda Holiday Sensei

Linda Holiday Sensei, 6th degree black belt (Rokudan)
Executive Director and Chief Instructor,
Aikido of Santa Cruz

Linda Holiday began her study of Aikido in 1970 as a first year student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, under Robert Frager Sensei and Frank Doran Sensei. This was during the first years of Aikido in America At that time the Aikido group in Santa Cruz was one of only four dojos in northern California. In 1972 Linda took a leave of absence from her university studies in art and music, in order to focus on Aikido. In 1973 she journeyed to Japan with fellow Aikidoist Richard Revoir. After they trained at Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, Mary Heiny introduced them to the Kumano Juku Dojo in Shingu, Wakayama Prefecture, which was headed by Michio Hikitsuchi Sensei, 10th dan. Linda, Richard Revoir, and Jack Wada (now chief instructor of Aikido of San Jose) then moved from Tokyo to Shingu and became the first foreign Aikido students to live there and train intensively at the Kumano Juku Dojo. That first year of shugyo (intensive training) in Japan was transformative for Linda. She was inspired to dedicate her life to the martial art and spiritual discipline of Aikido.
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Glen Kimoto Sensei

Glen Kimoto Sensei, 6th degree black belt (Rokudan)
Senior Instructor, Aikido of Santa Cruz

"I started Aikido in 1969 with Robert Frager Sensei and Frank Doran Sensei in Santa Cruz. Delightfully, they have continued to be my teachers and my source of inspiration. Along the way I have been very fortunate to receive instruction from Stan Pranin Sensei, Jack Wada Sensei, Mary Heiny Sensei and Motomichi Anno Sensei. Anno Sensei has made many visits to the Santa Cruz Summer Retreat and has been a major influence on my aikido and my personal growth.

At the beginning of my Aikido journey, I was motivated solely by a desire to become proficient in the physical art. That attitude was an outgrowth of previous training as well as my personal mindset. Fortunately, after a few years of Aikdo, it became very clear that "true victory" was not physical. My journey along the Path continues."

Instructors for Youth Classes

Aikido for Teens: Aimen Al-Refai
Aimen Al Refai has been the chief instructor of our Teen Classes since 1996. Aimen is a highly skilled Aikidoist and an experienced teacher of young people. He first taught Aikido classes for kids at Musubi Dojo in southern California. Aimen joined us here in Santa Cruz in 1993, and has become one of our senior black belt instructors. Aimen Sensei has an engaging, humorous style of teaching, complemented by his serious focus and a wonderful 'presence', which draws young people in and leads them along the path of Aikido.


Aikido for Young People (6-9 and 9-12 yrs): Louise Alaniz
Louise Alaniz is the chief instructor of the 6-9 and 9-12 year old classes. She has been teaching in the youth programs at Aikido of Santa Cruz as well as Aikido of Los Gatos for many years. Louise brings a wonderful sense of energy, dedication, focus, and enthusiasm with her each time she steps onto the mat. And she clearly loves working with young people in Aikido! Louise says, "I am really blessed and fortunate to get to participate in the youth classes. It's like drinking from a wishing well. So many capable young hands, strong hearts, and creative minds, practicing kindness, patience, focus, and ferocious courage with each other-- they give me courage and confidence in the future of our community."


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