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Sunday, January 19 - Saturday, January 25

Aikido Winter Training Intensive 2020

A Week for Aikidoists of All Ages

DURING KANGEIKO -- WINTER TRAINING INTENSIVE -- we intensify our Aikido training for one week, in the “coldest” time of year. Santa Cruz Aikido Kangeiko began in 1976 and has continued every year for over forty years! It is a way to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit…increase your sense of commitment…and build community. Please join us in this wonderful tradition. We welcome visiting Aikidoists from other dojos!
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THE SPIRIT OF WINTER TRAINING is to challenge yourself, to meet that challenge successfully, and to support others. As O-Sensei frequently said, “True victory is victory over oneself.” Train as much as you can! There are multiple classes each day, led by chief instructor Linda Holiday and many dedicated ASC instructors including Glen Kimoto, Peter Ralls, Alan Holiday, David Sofen, Dennis Wheeler, Aimen Al-Refai, Jerilyn Munyon, Neil Mick, and Nico Secunda. We welcome two guest instructors: Christa Nopper (Freiburg, Germany) and UCSC chief instructor Yoshi Shibata. 寒稽古 All adult/teen ASC students as well as visitors from out of town, who train at least once a day for 7 days, will receive a piece of Japanese calligraphy brushed by Linda Holiday Sensei, on the last day of Kangeiko.
FOR ADULT AND TEEN AIKIDOISTS: There are multiple classes every day, our daily schedule of classes plus an additional Sunday evening class, 5:00-6:30 pm, as well as early morning Kangeiko classes, 6:30-7:30 am every day. Train as much as you can! Click on schedules to see more details.

********** plus four new Kangeiko activities in 2020 **********

~Sunday 7-9 pm: KANGEIKO WELCOME POTLUCK at Shawn Murphy’s house (209 Highland Court, Santa Cruz), to bring local Aikidoists together and warmly welcome our Kangeiko guests from other dojos near and far, including Germany and Japan.
~Wed. morning Nature Adventure: KAYAKING in Elkhorn Slough. Breakfast at dojo, leave at 8:15, drive to Nature Reserve, Kayak two hours, return in early afternoon. Organized by Emily. See details on flyer, and reserve your space by Monday.
~Friday morning MISOGI PRACTICE: The early Friday morning class will be held at Natural Bridges Beach, 6:40-7:30 am. We’ll train on the beach with bokken (wooden swords), then we’ll go into the edge of the surf to do a Misogi Purification together, led by Linda Sensei. This will energize us for the final two days of Kangeiko!
~Friday eve 7:45-8:30: SLIDESHOW & TALK by Katsumi Ueno, “Nature and Spiritual Practice in Kumano.” Ueno San is a student of Motomichi Anno Sensei. He is also a Kumano Nature Guide and a practitioner of Shugendo - come & find out what that is!

FOR AIKIDOISTS AGES 6-12: Young Aikidoists are encouraged to participate in Kangeiko by training daily or frequently during the week. All of our youth classes (Monday through Thursday afternoons) will be open to all ages of students who are enrolled in our youth programs. There is an additional youth class on Friday, January 24th, 4:30-5:30 pm. And the Sunday and Saturday 10:30-12:00 classes are for “All Ages” (youth and adults together).
寒稽古 Each youth student who trains at least 4 days will receive a Kangeiko Certificate. Students who train all 7 days will, in addition, receive a piece of Japanese calligraphy brushed by Linda Holiday Sensei.

KANGEIKO 2020 CONCLUDES ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 25 with three morning classes: 6:30-7:30 am, 9:15-10:15 (Basics), and 10:30-12:00 (All Levels and All Ages: adult/teens/youth together). A ceremony at noon presenting Kangeiko Certificates and Calligraphy, then a potluck lunch for the whole community, and the Giveaway.
Saturday is the culmination of the WINTER FUNDRAISING DRIVE to provide essential support for Aikido of Santa Cruz and all of its programs and community outreach. Please make a contribution of any size, large or small, to our Fundraising Drive, and you will be entered in the Giveaway, on the last day of Kangeiko!
THE GIVEAWAY: Every person who makes a contribution to the Winter Fundraising Drive will be entered in the Giveaway Drawing on Saturday. Gifts to be awarded include: Grand Prize I (for adults/teens): Free admission to our 5-day Santa Cruz Aikido Summer Retreat, July 8-12, 2020. Grand Prize II (for Aikido youth): Free admission to our 5-day Kids Aikido Summer Camp, August 3-7, 2020. Grand Prize III: A beautiful handcrafted wooden clock by Glen Kimoto Sensei. And more! Contact us at to offer a gift to the Giveaway. Thank you for your support!
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